The entry list for the Prologue WEC 19/20 has been released

The FIA WEC 19/20 season prologue entry list has been released today.

You can check it out here >>>

Obviously there is the sad news that SMP have decided to pull out before the season has begun. But as we have posted on Facebook, the breakdown between the classes is still going to be 6 LMP1, 8 LMP2, 6 GTE Pro and 11 GTE Am.

Obviously after the bumper grid we had for the Le Mans 24 Hourse, going from 61 cars on the track to 30 will make for a thinner looking starting grid but it is still going to be a great season.

Yes the Toyotas will most likely dominate but I am content with that. I recognise why it has happened and the Hypercar regulations are definitely the light at the end of the tunnel that we need.

Either way – I am still looking forward to the Prologue.

Alonso and Mclaren say cheerio to each other

According to a report in Motorsport Magazine, Fernando Alonso and Mclaren have parted ways.

I am mildly surprised. He was only announced as a Mclaren Ambassador earlier this year but then of course there was the debacle of not qualifying for the Indy 500.

Maybe Mclaren have already decided that they don’t want to go back next year after completely underestimating what is required to compete against Penske, Ganassi and Andretti (to name just a few).

So what now for Mr Alonso? Well he won’t be racing for Toyota at Le Mans but he did test their Dakar Rally Car.

So he could do that. He could race in GT3, he could do Touring Cars or he could just relax for a while.

He wants to complete this triple crown of wins. He only needs to win Indy to complete it now (which I know is not exactly an easy proposition) so maybe he will chill for the rest of this year and then go do a full season of Indy next year.

There are too many options and variables but for now….it is pretty safe to say that he won’t be racing a Mclaren next year.

72 Cars announced for the 24 Hours of Spa

With only a few weeks to go until the 2019 Spa 24 Hours, the entry list has been released.
There are 72 GT3 cars listed from brands Aston Martin, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, Honda, Ferrari, Lambourghini, Porsche, Nissan and Bentley.

Check out the full entry list here.

One thing I can tell you is that it is going to be another cracking 24 Hour Sprint Race.

You can keep up to date with the entry list on the Official 24hrs of Spa website here >>>

Our new feature – Our Thoughts

As part of our new website, we have a new feature.

Our Thoughts.

Basically it boils down to this. Occasionally, as we are working away, random thoughts pop in our head. It could be anything ranging from DTM to Dirt Bike Racing. Indy Car to IMSA.

We make no apologies for any bad spelling etc. These are supposed to be short and sweet articles that we push out as and when they pop into our heads.

If you like any of our chat, please feel free to get involved.

We will be posting our chat on facebook as well so you don’t even need to sign up to any newsletters. Just keep an eye on facebook for our latest ‘Our Thoughts’ posts.

We hope you enjoy.

A new website for a new season (of Racing Threads)

Welcome to our brand new website and (for those that have purchased from us before) our new domain name. No longer are we, we are now 100%

And with a new domain name and a new website comes new STUFF. So we have kept some of our more popular clothing and accessories designs but have filtered it all down. We felt that having the 100+ designs we had was maybe a bit too much. So we have cut some of our more ‘boring’ designs.

The new site though will allow us to sell more products in a more informative style.
We will be keeping you more informed with our Latest New AND our ‘Our Thoughts’ posts.

Basically it will boil down to this. If we have a new product, some changes to a fundemental part of Racing Threads or some braking (we know its not spelt that way lol) news then it is ‘Latest News’.
If it is just some rambling chat from us then it is our thoughts.

So we hope you like the new site and of course if there is anything you feel we can improve on then let us know by emailing