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I am getting bored!!!

There is no F1 on this weekend. There is no WEC but there is Indycar at Pocono.
However, living in the UK with two kids means finding the time to watch it means that it is probably a no go for me. So I am bored. But to help pass the time I have been watching some old classics from the youtube vault.

There are always some go to videos I watch every now and then when I need a motorsport fix. One of them is Montoya vs Andretti in Champcar in 1999. Montoyas first season and a prime example of a young, hungry driver and a wise old fox.

And this weekend, the help pass the time, when there is nothing on I may just rewatch the 1995 Formula 1 season review. THat is bound to be there somewhere. And maybe a top ten closest Indycar finishes of all time. And maybe the best Nascar battles of all time.

And then why not a bit of Opel vs Alfa Romeo DTM battles from the 90’s.

And the final thing, I need to watch some BMW 3 Series BTCC from 1997 I think with the Fina Oil livery. One of my absolute favourite liveries of all time.

So after writing this, I am not as bored as I was. Ia m actually a bit excited because I have quite a few things to watch this weekend.

And that is my thoughts on the matter.