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My prediction for the Spa 24 Hours

I should have been there this year but then, considering there is a bit of a heatwave going through Europe, I am not as gutted about missing out. Especially because there are strong rumours that after all this heat, it is going to properly chuck it down with rain sometime in the night.

So what is my prediction?

Simple. A Mercedes will be on pole. A Porsche will lead the most laps and an Audi will win. BMW will struggle to get in the top ten at all so there will be a lot of moaning about BOP. Lexus, Nissan and Honda will appear on the TV every so often just to remind you that they are competing.

It will chuck it down with rain so much that they will have to red flag the race for a while (which will at least give me a chance to catch up on some sleep). There will be a couple of big safety car periods because of some big crashes at Eau Rouge.

And there you go. I love the Spa 24 Hours. It is one of the big events of the year. And while there are those that complain that there are too many cars, I am not complaining. I find that in races where I do not have a strong allegiance to a specific driver, team or car then having these variables can make a race a lot more interesting. Throwing up variables that we used to have with reliability but don’t really have anymore.

I am particularly looking forward to that magic hour in the sunday morning when there is space on the track for some of the faster drivers to really stretch their legs. And if there is a lot of rain then we will see a couple of drivers really shine in the same way that JJ Lehto did at Le Mans in 1995.

Anyway, here is to a good race.

And that is my thoughts on the matter.