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The path of two former leading lights

For those that follow F1 and Moto GP, you will have spent years watching Sebastian Vettel and Jorge Lorenzo at the front of the field. QUalifiying on pole and racing to victory week in week out.

But you will also have spent the last couple of years wondering what has happened to these former leading drivers/riders of their respective racing category.

In the case of Vettel. We know he doesn’t like having a faster team mate and if you look at his highlights reel from the last 18 months, you will find more accidents, crashes and failures that you will find success stories.

The same goes for Lorenzo but with him, the apple has fallen far further from the success tree. Especially this year.

After his move to Ducati resulted in little success, he moved to Honda for this year to form a supposed dream team. Yet he has not finished inside the top 10 (correct me if I am wrong) so far this season. Has missed some races because of injury and is looking like a complete shadow of his former self.

With both these motorsport stars, the questions have to be asked. There are those that question whether Vettel will be back next year or whether he will call time on his racing career. There are those that think Lorenzo will quite this year as well. Both of them still have another year on their contracts. But such is the fall from grace that they have both experienced that these questions are not going away.

Do I have an answer for you? No. With Vettel, he has nowhere else to go in F1 bar maybe Williams. So if he doesn’t want questions asked of his abilities for the rest of his life, he needs to raise his head and get on with proving the doubters wrong.

With Lorenzo, he just needs a good race. We know it is not the bike – Marques is proving that. He needs to get a top 10 under his belt. Then a top 5, then a podium and then a win. He needs to go into next season and just nail it.

For both Vettel and Lorenzo, they need to accept that 2019 is not their year and move forward so that 202 truly is.

And that is my thoughts on the matter.