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Why Hondas GP2 comment should not be looked at as being funny

So Verstappen won the German Grand Prix. Well done of course. What a great race!!!

And afterwards, Honda tweeted a joke that this was GP2 races they have won (a word play instead of 2GP) and directed it towards Fernando Alonso who famously shouted out those comments during the Japanese Grand Prix in the 2015 Season.

So Honda can poke fun at him now. But that way I see it…my daughter was just learning to crawl at the time of the Japanese Grand Prix in 2015. And next month she starts school. So while Honda may mock. It’s not like they turned it around in a matter of months. The Mclaren Honda relationship had to go incredibly badly. Honda had to go through a season with only Torro Rosso as a team and only now with Red Bull, do they have the opportunity to win. And it’s not like it is the same engine. I would question whether there is any component shared between the 2015 Honda Engine and the 2019 version – minus the actual Honda badge that is.

It is good for F1 that Honda have shifted their backsides and now produce a good engine. If they hadn’t then this season would have been even more of a Mercedes domination that last.

And that is my thoughts on the matter.