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WRC Should take a page out of the DTM book

I am currently watching some highlights of the WRC Rally of Finland and I keep seeing the Toyota Yaris WRC and thinking ahhh my eyes.

I get that the cars of the WRC are taken from the road cars and pumped up but my question is this – why?

Why do they have to do that? Why do rally cars have to be taken from production based cars which therefore means that they are all hatchbacks?

In the DTM, what you currently have is a BMW, an Audi and an Aston Martin. All running on a base Dallara chassis. The bodywork on these cars closely resembles the pumped up M4, RS4 and Vantage. But really they is because a) those are good looking cars and b) are not hatch backs.

So why does the WRC not get a hard core ‘safety cell’ chassis that any manufacturer can then bolt on their bodywork to?

It doesn’t even have to be a real car. Remember the marketing promotion benefits that Citroen got when they created the virtual Gran Turismo Concept car >>>

They never intended for it to be a real road car but the promotion they got from it was excellent.

These days, Ferrari makes a nice wee extra bit of cash from making specialised concept cars based on existing car running gear. So Eric Clapton is running around in a cool Boxer inspired Ferrari that I think is based on a 430 chassis.

Why can’t Toyota create a cool Celica inspired rally car that looks amazing, makes the brand seem cooler and if the demand was high enough – make a couple of hundred at a couple of hundred thousand a pop?

The Group B cars looked amazing and they looked mad. Modern day rally cars look average and they look ridiculously pumped up in way that I would not be putting on my bedroom wall if I was still a kid.

So, rule makers of the WRC, get rid of the rules that demand that cars are production based. Get a super safe safety cell chassis tender going and then Ford can produce something amazing (shame they have decided to reuse the Puma name for a mini sity SUV already), Toyota can produce a Celica and Lancia can come back with a cool 037 tribute which they can then make in small numbers as part of a new effort to return the brand to the top.

As I write this I realise that I may have just saved Lancia.

You are welcome.

And that is my thoughts on the matter.